Now that the COVID lockdown has eased, staff shortages are the biggest crisis the hospitality industry is currently facing.

As a result, we’ve been spending a lot of our time explaining to clients that offering better pay and better conditions is the key to finding and retaining the right people. As recruiters, we’re working hard to support the hospitality industry to thrive again. We’ll always offer you the best people but being a company that the best people will want to work for, is out of our control.

The hard truth about staff shortages

We have long-standing experience in the hospitality recruitment business, and are seasoned at what we do. Our roots in the hospitality industry are extremely deep, and we love being a part of the sector. We’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of clients and candidates and have first-hand experience of seeing what works, and what doesn’t, from all sides of the operation.

The solution to finding the right people and holding onto them

If you’re our client or a regular reader who has been following our blogs for a long time, you’ll already know what I’m about to say. It’s something we’ve been beating the drum for since the very beginning, long before COVID and Brexit.

Employee engagement is instrumental to hospitality businesses hiring and retention success. Paying their staff appropriately and offering a welcoming, supportive environment that people will want to be a part of, will significantly reduce staff shortage.

The one about supply and demand

The current situation also has a lot to do with the reality that a vast number of hospitality businesses are looking for staff at the same time and some of those staff have returned to their home countries, outside of the UK. Which means we have to work a bit harder. However, that doesn’t alter the fact that the employers who have already established themselves as good employers to work for are finding it easier to recruit staff than others.

Hospitality is a wonderful industry to be a part of. Unfortunately, many employers are still in the mindset of pre-Covid times when staff was plentiful. Employers need to adapt their packages and value add to make the businesses enticing for the people who matter most… the committed, hard-working team members ‘on the shop floor’ who are responsible for making them successful.

The mindset of hiring in hospitality

During the lockdown, a lot of those team members were forced to re-evaluate what they’re doing and concluded that, even though they love this industry, they don’t feel as if this industry loves them. They’ve taken that opportunity to make a change and find work that is more economically secure and professionally rewarding elsewhere. Just because people are unemployed and looking for jobs, doesn’t mean they’ll continue to accept what they’re given.

The takeaway

These are stressful times for hospitality employers, and we’re all making tough decisions daily. There’s a basic rule of economics that we’d all be wise to remember:

“Raising the value of something increases its supply.”

There are many ways to do that. The most obvious one is to make the job more attractive by offering competitive remuneration.

Other ways include making the job more attractive by offering better working conditions, a fairer work-life balance, more opportunity to progress, and being an employer that people respect and want to work for.  Luckily for us, those are the kind of clients we represent.

We’re proud to have created a culture where the best candidates want to work for us and I’ll talk more about that in next month’s blog.

In the meantime, please don’t forget that we’ll always be here with first-class staff whenever you need them: just get in touch.

Have a good rest of the month, stay safe, and let’s hope we see the sunshine again very soon!

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