Now that the hospitality sector is starting to reopen, it sounds like a lot of employers are struggling to find enough staff.

Or that’s what the news headlines would lead you to believe. For employers who don’t source their staff through Prime Agency Recruitment, that’s possibly true.

Happily, for our clients, it’s a totally different story.

No matter what your staffing requirements are, we’ll always have first-class candidates and long and short-term team members available whenever you need them.

Because we’re currently fielding several calls a day from clients who have read the newspapers and are concerned about staff availability, we thought the ‘post-pandemic worker shortage’ (as one of the headlines describes it) should be the focus of this month’s blog.

To begin with, no one can deny that the combination of COVID 19 + Brexit created the perfect economic storm, not just in the hospitality industry but across almost every other industry too.

Yes, there has inevitably been an increase in the number of once-dedicated hospitality workers who have decided to leave the industry. Many of them have left because lockdown forced them to find alternative employment, and some have left because they’re concerned about the industry’s future. In a recent article in The Telegraph, one ex-hospitality worker described his experience like this:

‘”The world of hospitality has changed a lot. It’s not attractive anymore. It’s just not worth it.”

‘[And, although he] cannot name the single root cause of his dissatisfaction with working in the sector, 24-hour work shifts, a lack of a pay progression, and understaffing have all been contributing factors.

‘However, it was the uncertainty around the future for pubs, bars and restaurants fuelled by the pandemic that proved the last straw.’1

The article goes on to say that he is ‘among reams of workers who have abandoned the hospitality industry during the Covid crisis in favour of better-paid, more secure jobs.

‘A significant number of Eastern Europeans who pulled pints or waited tables in the UK have returned to their home country. Meanwhile, prospective foreign workers are shunning the UK because of tighter visa rules and higher entry costs post-Brexit.

‘In hospitality, bosses fear that labour shortages will only become more acute.

‘Adding further pressure is a reluctance among younger people to return to work or even join the industry.’

All-in-all it makes for grim reading, and we’re not surprised that so many of our clients have been worried enough to ask us about it. However, at Prime Agency Recruitment, our news is much better.

Before the pandemic, we already had a substantial database of cream-of-the-crop hospitality talent.

Now, as the lockdown finally comes to an end, our database is even more extensive.

That’s because we’ve been working very hard over the last twelve months, receiving and reviewing hundreds of CV’s, remote-interviewing the most promising applicants, and bringing on board only the very best top-quality candidates and short and long-term hospitality team members.

Not only that, but while some other recruitment agencies went into a kind of hibernation during the lockdowns and left their talent pool feeling adrift and unsupported, we kept in regular contact with as many of the staff who worked for us before the pandemic as possible. As a result, we’re proud to report that almost all of them have remained with us, and they can’t wait to get back to work. The trials of the past year haven’t dimmed their passion for our industry. If anything, they’re even more committed to excellence than they’ve ever been.

Everyone at Prime wants your business to be a success, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

Please be reassured that, whenever you need new staff, we’ll always have the most professional and dedicated team members available.

Ignore the doom and gloom headlines. Just give us a call on 020 7580 4398 or email, and we’ll do the rest.

1The Telegraph, May 2: Post-pandemic worker shortage puts Brexit to the test.

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