When you’re sourcing candidates to fill your roles, it’s important to work with a single recruitment agency you can trust.

Working with several recruitment agencies all at the same time might seem like a good idea ‘on paper’ because it gives the illusion you’ll connect with as many potential candidates as possible.

However, not only is that an illusion, it can make your chances of finding the perfect candidates a lot trickier. Plus, between the time and energy you’ll waste working with multiple agencies and the inevitable ‘communication breakdown’ headaches that will follow, it simply isn’t worth the expense.

What are the biggest drawbacks of recruiting through multiple agencies?

  • It is time-consuming and stressful. All the telephone calls, emails, and admin tasks required to stay on top of and in contact with multiple different recruiters can quickly negatively impact the day-to-day running of your operation. The whole point of sourcing new candidates is to make your life easier and your business more profitable, so doesn’t it make sense that the process of finding those candidates should be simple and streamlined too? And on the subject of streamlining…
  • When you work with a single agency – i.e. Prime! – you’ll only ever have to deal with one or two expert recruiters. They’ll be clear on what you need, you’ll be clear on what they are doing for you, and together you will accomplish a lot more in a much shorter time.
  • Working with a single agency means you’ll build a strong relationship with that agency. They’ll have a complete understanding of your requirements and be better able to find you the very best people.
  • On the other hand, working with multiple agencies means you can’t be certain they’re all taking the quality time necessary to source the right candidate(s) for your role. The chances are that some of them will be rushing to fill the position before the other agencies get there first, which means the candidates they give you will never be the best candidates available. Because of that, you’ll inevitably have to restart the process every few weeks because you’ll constantly have to keep finding new replacements.
  • Working with a single agency means you will have more priority over the available candidates on the market.
  • Working with a single agency sends a more professional and reassuring message to your potential candidates. When you work with multiple agencies, there’s a much greater chance that the same candidates will be contacted numerous times about the same vacancy. When that happens, the candidates may think it is due to high staff turnover within your business, making them falsely believe that you won’t be a good employer to work for. The best candidates only apply to work for the best employers, so giving them a negative experience at the sourcing stage means you’ll never get the pick of the cream of the candidate crop.
  • Partnering with a single agency means you won’t be advertising the same role on a multitude of different job boards, so you’ll avoid giving potential candidates the incorrect and negative impression you always seem to be recruiting. 

What are the additional benefits of working exclusively with Prime?

  • The clients who work exclusively with Prime have much lower staff turnover and, as a result, a much more cohesive, dedicated, and happier team.
  • When you work exclusively with Prime, we can also offer you  ‘sole agency’ free permanent placements. This means:
    • You’ll save on recruitment costs.
    • You’ll only recruit staff you know are trained in the role.
    • You’ll be able to build the perfect permanent team without increasing your visibility, giving you time to concentrate on your other responsibilities while your permanent team quietly grows.
  • We are fully aware that ‘sole agency’ probably won’t happen overnight, as you may already have some fantastic staff who have been supplied by other agencies. In that case, sole agency with Prime will only come into effect as new openings arise. We completely understand that.
  • Exclusive clients who use our sole agency service will often book extra experienced staff for short-term cover at peak times because they have a more settled long-term team in place. They will also conduct in-house training during quieter periods, ensuring they are totally prepared for the year ahead.
  • We won’t ask you to sign a sole agency contract. All we ask for is a brief two months’ notice period if you ever decide to end the arrangement.

With the new immigration rules about to come in, 2024 looks set to become even more challenging for hospitality employers who want to find the right people for the right roles. Luckily, we have an always expanding database of the very best permanent and temporary hospitality candidates available, so you can always rely on Prime to help you build the most awesome team possible.

If you’ve got any questions, if you want to find out more about our sole agency offering, or if you’d like us to source your next ideal team member, all you’ve got to do is contact our friendly expert advisors on 020 7580 4398 or email info@primerec.co.uk.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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