Happy 2022!

It’s a new year and, if you want to stay ahead of the field by finding and recruiting the very best team members before your competitors do, it’s essential to understand the latest recruiting trends. Some of them will be obvious to you; others may be a bit more of a surprise. Implement all of them, and we guarantee that first-class candidates will be beating a path to your door.

So, let’s start with a reality check:

Candidates drive the market

I’m not going to bang on about the seismic shift that’s happened in the recruitment marketplace since Covid-19 started its world tour. All employers are aware of it, but some still find it difficult to wrap their heads around. Those are the employers who are missing out on the top talent because they’re refusing to accept that this is a candidate-driven market, with far more vacancies available than there are candidates to fill them.

That means candidates can afford to be choosy. And they are.

As an employer, you’ve got to be more creative and proactive in your recruitment strategies.

Your friendly experts at Prime can help you with that.

You’ve got to be prepared to offer higher salaries, better benefits, and a more supportive and attractive work culture than your competitors do. You’ve also got to find more effective ways to communicate your brand to the world, so that prospective candidates, existing employees, and your clients and customers can see all the positive work you’re doing.

Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the recruitment landscape will change back to the way it used to be over the next few months. It won’t. For the foreseeable future, candidates will continue to have more power in the recruitment process than they’ve ever had before.

Understanding that, and working with it rather than against it, will be the key to your hospitality business’s success.

How do you work with it?

Identify the elements that will appeal most to your target candidate(s) and put them into action.

In other words, what will make a) your job offering and b) your workplace more attractive to the kind of candidates you want to work for you? What’s most important to them? Better pay? Better benefits? Better opportunities for career advancement? A more balanced lifestyle?

Make it easier for candidates to apply.

Once upon a time, a single job vacancy would stir up a tidal wave of CVs. Not anymore.

Now, because it’s a candidate-driven market, candidates are being more selective about the roles they apply for.

One of the ways you can try to circumvent that is by making your application process as smooth and streamlined as possible. When a candidate uploads their CV, don’t ask them to repeat details like education, qualifications, and work experience on an additional form. Just ask them to upload their CV, and if there’s anything else you need to know, you can ask them later or during the interview process.

Be more inclusive. Have a solid Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion policy (DEI) in place in your workplace.

Show prospective candidates that you share their social values.

Over the last few years, social awareness has grown in importance. The best candidates want to work for employers who have put diversity, equality, and inclusion at the front and centre of their business practices and company values.

As a proactive, forward-thinking employer, you’re going to benefit from this too. At the start of the pandemic, McKinsey published a report that underlined the importance of workplace diversity and revealed that companies with ethnic and gender diversity on their executive teams are likely to be thirty-three per cent more profitable and outperform by twenty-one per cent.

When you want to attract the best candidates, diversity and inclusion is something you need to take extremely seriously. Don’t just pay lip service to it. Demonstrate how you’re putting it into action.

Get comfortable with remote recruiting. Many of us may have returned to our offices, but remote recruitment is here to stay.

Don’t resist it. It’s a good thing.

When you recruit remotely, you’re casting out your net to a larger pool of talent. You’re also saving yourself and your candidate a lot of time and hassle. Even though remote working isn’t something that all of us can do – for obvious reasons! – remote recruitment, at least in the early stages of the hiring process, is a much more efficient way to ‘meet’ and interview the most promising candidates. You’ll find it’s another shortcut to attracting the most promising candidates, too, because in the current climate they’ll be far more open to talking to you virtually than risking an in-person interview at your venue that may not lead anywhere.

It all comes under the heading we used earlier, ‘Make it easier for your candidates to apply’. In the case of remote recruiting, it’s easier for you too.

Know your brand and use it to your advantage.

Now that candidates have the power, they’re not scatter-shotting their CVs to all and sundry employers.

They’re aggressively targeting employers they already know about.

That’s why it’s crucial to make your ’employer brand’ as strong as possible, so that prospective candidates already know what your mission, culture, and reputation are. A solid employer brand won’t just help you find and secure the very best candidates; it will ensure you retain more of your existing team members as well. Positive word-of-mouth is more important than ever, and people want to work for employers who are already thought highly of by their employees, customers, clients, and peers.

Give your existing employees great reasons not to leave.

In other words, focus on staff retention.

As we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, people want to work for employers who are highly thought of.

One of the keys to being a highly thought of employer is offering your employees more options and opportunities to develop than your competition. Reward their loyalty. Offer career progression. Always look for fresh ways to attract new candidates and hold onto the staff you already have by showing them how much they’re valued. That could include offering onboarding bonuses, increasing salaries, making schedules more flexible, and giving employees more annual leave. Be creative.

Also, bear in mind that more extended notice periods are also becoming the norm. Even though it’s a candidate-driven marketplace, candidates want to feel as secure and protected as possible when they decide to work for a new employer. Even inexperienced roles are entailing notice periods of at least two months now. Factor that into your package of ‘good reasons to work for me and not to leave.’

Reach out to passive candidates.

If you can attract a passive candidate, you’re already ahead of the field.

That’s because a passive candidate is someone who was quite happy to stay where they were – either with a current employer or remaining unemployed – until they found out about you. Now they’ve found out who you are and what you offer, they’re excited about the prospect of working with you. That’s undoubtedly because you’ve checked off all (or, at least, most of) the boxes we’ve already talked about: you offer the right culture, you’re giving the best opportunities, you’re meeting their values.

How do you find passive candidates?

Target them directly via online marketing strategies. Leverage your social media. Use online job boards. Establish a referral program to tap into your current employees’ networks and personal connections. Show passive candidates why your company is a rewarding place to work.

Reaching out to passive candidates may require a bit of extra investment and effort, but the results will be worth it. Research has shown that only thirty-six per cent of the workforce is actively looking for a new opportunity at any given time, but ninety per cent of the workforce is willing to talk and learn more. Also, passive candidates are generally more than twice as efficient as non-sourced candidates.

Everyone at Prime is dedicated to making your 2022 a success, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. We’ll help you stay on top of ever-changing recruitment trends, we’re here to advise you whenever you need us, and we’ll always have the most professional and dedicated candidates and team members available whenever you need them.

Just give us a call on 020 7580 4398 or email info@primerec.co.uk, and we’ll do the rest.

Have a prosperous new year.

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