Some hospitality employers believe that recruiting in-house rather than through a dedicated recruitment agency like Prime is more cost-effective because it “cuts out the middle-man”.

That’s a mistake.

The truth is, recruiting in-house is a much more expensive, less reliable, and riskier way to source candidates. It can unnecessarily slow the hiring process down while significantly reducing your chances of finding the perfect person/people for your role(s). More than that, the chances of an in-house recruiter making a “bad hire” that will inevitably cost you more money to put right are greatly increased.

Why is Prime a better option than using an In-House recruiter?

In-house recruiters only have access to a very small number of potential candidates, typically the ones who apply to them directly via the job ad or are referred to them by current employees.

At Prime, we have an extensive database of perfect candidates that is growing every day. Most of those candidates are actively looking for work right now, but a few of them are passively waiting for the right role to come along. Any of those people might be the perfect fit for your vacancy, but they’ve signed with Prime because they are confident in our ability to place them in exactly the right opportunity. They rarely respond to ads or job boards because they’ve learned that ads and job boards can often be a complete waste of time. So, it doesn’t matter how many job boards your in-house recruiter places your vacancy on, it’s unlikely they’ll see it.

Bottom line? Unlike in-house recruiters, at Prime we have immediate access to a far bigger pool of candidates which, when you work with us, greatly increases your chances of finding the perfect hire.

What other advantages does working with Prime offer?

For a start, we’ve been a respected part of the hospitality recruitment industry for a very long time. We can spot trends, and we have day-to-day insights into the ever-changing job market that many in-house recruiters won’t. This means that we can help you create an eye-catching job description that will attract the best candidates, and we can help you tailor your offering to make it even more attractive to the perfect person. For example, by giving you advice on salary, benefits, and salary negotiations.

Prime’s sourcing and screening process can save you a lot of time and money.

At Prime, we are expert at sourcing and screening candidates. It’s our speciality. We have the experience (plus the tried and tested screening tools and techniques) to find and vet potential candidates for your role, so you only need to interview the short-list of most qualified applicants yourself.

We streamline the recruiting task by taking everything over – job posting, candidate screening, and interview scheduling. Apart from our extensive candidate database, we also have established relationships with many other recruiting resources, so your potential perfect candidate won’t be turned off by being bombarded with the same old rubbish on the same old job boards.

A lot of in-house recruiters only have the job boards to rely upon, so they scattershot ads on all the job boards at the same time. This sends a negative message to potential candidates, because when they see your ad appearing in a whole bunch of different places, they’ll inevitably wonder why your company has to try so hard to find the right people. It might turn them off from applying in the first place.

The streamlined process Prime gives you isn’t just more reliable and effective, it also saves you a lot of time, money, and effort. In addition, it leaves you free to concentrate on running your hospitality business while we do all the time-consuming recruitment work for you.

But wait, wouldn’t an in-house recruiter do that work for me anyway?

Yes, but as we’ve already mentioned, they won’t have access to the same large pool of candidates we do. It’s also unlikely they’ll have our experience, and it’s more likely they’ll overlook details during sourcing and screening and make the wrong choices.

And here’s something else to consider…

You only need to pay us when you need us.

The same thing can’t be said for a full-time in-house recruiter.

The hospitality year has peaks and troughs. Sometimes you’ll need to hire more people, sometimes you won’t need to hire anybody at all.

At Prime, we are both flexible and scalable. When you have a demand to hire more people, we’ll be there for you. When you have less demand, or maybe no demand at all, we’ll stay in the background until you need us.

In-house recruiters are a different issue. Even if you don’t need to hire anybody, you’ll still need to pay your in-house recruiter. Then, at the times when you need to recruit more people (for example, due to seasonal demand), there’s a bigger chance your in-house recruiter will feel overwhelmed.

Instead of having an in-house recruiter, why not have someone with the expertise to retain your existing employees by focusing on their concerns and day-to-day needs, thereby increasing your employees’ overall job satisfaction? If you do that, it will inevitably reduce your staff turnover and the needs to continuously recruit.

Working with Prime reduces the risk of making “bad hires”.

At Prime, we only allow the highest-quality candidates onto our database. We have the expertise to screen and vet thoroughly, so you can be certain the short-list of candidates you eventually receive will be the most qualified cream-of-the-crop candidates for your role. This  mitigates the risk that whoever you finally select will turn out to be a mistake.

In-house recruiters, who don’t have our level of expertise and resources, are much more likely to miss the warning signs and make hiring mistakes that could be costly for your company, giving you an expensive HR headache and meaning you will shortly have to start the whole recruitment process again.

What else does Prime offer?

We can find you permanent staff for long-term positions, and temporary staff for short-term bookings or to meet your seasonal requirements. Temporary roles, by their very nature, usually need to be filled very quickly and your team at Prime are experienced and flexible enough to do that. An in-house recruiter won’t be able to match our speed or expertise.

These are just a few reasons why entrusting Prime to recruit on your behalf is a much better option than using an in-house recruiter. We can work with you to tailor the best job description and give you advice on how to make your offering more compelling, we already have an extensive database of candidates to draw upon, plus we have other recruitment resources at our disposal to reach out to the top-quality candidates we haven’t met yet; we can source and screen your candidates so you only spend your time meeting the top-quality potential hires, and we can scale your hiring needs up when required or stay in the background when things are quiet until you need us again. All this will save you a significant amount of time and cost, as well as making your recruitment strategy quicker and much more effective. Plus, we are also always here to give advice on changing industry trends, salaries, salary negotiations, and other benefits.

Next time you need to hire the perfect team member, all you’ve got to do is contact our friendly expert advisors on 020 7580 4398 or email We’re looking forward to working with you.

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