With the possibility of more COVID-19 restrictions looming over the hospitality industry, it’s hard to feel optimistic about the months ahead.

However, over the past few weeks we’ve also read some incredibly hopeful stories about the post-COVID resurgence of the hospitality industry, and how the hospitality sector could offer an invaluable lifeline to people who have recently been made unemployed. Here is just one example, describing how hospitality employers in Norfolk are ‘crying out for staff’ now that customers are returning to their restaurants, hotels, and resorts: https://www.edp24.co.uk/features/could-hospitality-in-norfolk-plug-covid-19-jobs-gap-1-6841467.

So, here’s our question: when you’re searching for a new person to join your hospitality team, what’s the most important quality you look for?

Many employers will say ‘previous experience’, and at Prime Agency Recruitment we’ve got a database crammed with candidates who have all the previous experience you need and more. But, considering that so many high-quality people with no previous hospitality industry experience are starting to look for work within the sector, could you be losing out by not considering them?

Recently, we’ve brought on board some fantastic candidates who are completely new to the industry but have some outstanding skills they can bring to your workplace: people skills, organisational skills, leadership skills, and a proven track record of hard work and success in their previous roles. What they might lack in hospitality experience, they more than make up for with other essential qualities.

We look at it this way: The hospitality industry has always welcomed people from every walk of life and every background. That’s one of the key reasons why it’s such a vibrant and exciting industry to work in, because of the rich diversity of people who work alongside us. It’s not an industry that’s staid and predictable, where exactly the same things happen every day, and that’s what makes the people who are drawn to working in our industry so unique, because they’re not staid and predictable either. They have passion and drive and a willingness to go the extra mile and accept new challenges, and those are the kind of people you’ll find at Prime Agency Recruitment. Of course, previous experience is always helpful, but all of us had to start somewhere. As recruiters, we’ve always looked for something extra that a candidate can bring to a role, the qualities that might not be in their CV but become apparent once we get to know them. That’s why, as far as we’re concerned, the fact that so many promising people with different sets of skills might be considering a new career in hospitality is something to be celebrated.

We hope you’re thinking that, too, although please rest assured that our standards are still as high as they’ve ever been. Experienced or not, we only take on candidates who we genuinely believe are the best of the best.

No matter what the future holds in terms of further restrictions or lockdowns, we’re already seeing our industry start to bounce back from possibly the biggest crisis it’s ever faced. Let’s try to stay focused on that, and when you’re looking for new people to join your team, please consider maybe casting your net wider than you’ve done before. We have a feeling you’ll be glad you did.

To find your next perfect team member, whether your vacancy is permanent, long-term or short-term, contact our friendly expert advisors on 020 7580 4398 or email info@primerec.co.uk. We look forward to working with you soon!

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