In today’s part of our Around the World in 80 Hotels series we invite you to visit Germany and one of the world’s smallest hotel – Eh’häusl.

Around the World in 80 Hotels – Eh’häusl, World’s Smallest Hotel

Address: Seminargasse 8, 92224 Amberg, Germany

Price: ‚¬240/night

This tiny building looks more like a luxury shoebox than a hotel – but at just 53sq meters and with one room it’s the world’s smallest hotel.

Five-star Eh’häusl, in Amberg, Germany, is just 2.5m wide and stretches over seven narrow floors but boasts all the modern cons from flat screen televisions to a mini spa. It’s so tiny that the entire building can only be occupied by one couple at a time.

It was originally built as a house in 1728 after the city council ruled couples could only get married if they owned property. To give lovebirds a chance to tie the knot even if they didn’t own a home, a resourceful Amberg local came up with an idea to get round the law. He built a house so small and cheap even the poorest of people could afford it even on a short-term basis. After the house served the purpose, the couple sold it to the next couple with the same problem before moving into a proper rented space. With a different newlywed couple as occupants every few weeks, it became known as Eh’häusl – or ‘the Wedding House’.

ANow it’s a tiny little luxury hotel for two at a time. While narrow, it’s tall enough for a variety of rooms, including a bedroom, bathroom, salon/sitting area and fireplace room. There isn’t an area for staff, though; when staying in the Eh’häusl, guests are the only ones there for the most part.

From the outside, the Eh’häusl looks like it’s been pushed into the narrow space between two neighbouring buildings, but it’s the interior that’s supposed to impress its guests. Guests from as far as China or Mexico pay 240 euros to spend a night at the world’s smallest hotel, and believe it or not the Eh’häusl is fully booked many months in advance.

The extraordinary hotel is owned by Marina Schreiner, who welcomes couples in love from all over the world to stay all year round. According to an old legend told by the locals, couples who stay at the hotel live happily ever after and never get divorced.

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